YellowScan Voyager Integrated LiDAR System

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Part Number:TI11081
  • • Reigl Vux-120 Laser Scanner
  • • Applanix AP+ 30 AIR
  • • Up to 0.5cm Precision
  • • Up to 1cm Accuracy
  • • Up to 15 Echoes Per Shot
  • • Weight without Battery: 7.7 lbs
The YellowScan Voyager is a powerful LiDAR solution for both manned and unmanned aircraft. With its laser scanner's wide field of view, the entirety of the points are oriented towards the ground, meaning no loss of points. This also means 1.5 million points per second will be usable, which would not be the case with a 360 scanner.

The Voyager's detection and processing of up to 15 echoes per laser pulse allows for unparalleled vegetation penetration. Its extremely fast data acquisition rate of up to 1800 kHz, makes this solution the best option for projects requiring the highest point density.

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