YellowScan Mapper Integrated LiDAR System

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Part Number:TI11010
  • • 2cm System Precision @ 70m AGL (0.8in @ 230ft)
  • • 3cm System Accuracy @ 70m AGL (1.2in @ 230ft)
  • • 3.31lbs Including Battery (1.5kg)
  • • Livox Horizon Laser Scanner
  • • Applanix APX-15 IMU
  • • High Performance GNSS Antenna
  • • RGB Camera Add-on Available for Colorized Point Clouds
The YellowScan Mapper UAV LiDAR system is equipped with a high-performance Livox Horizon laser scanner from Livox, a DJI-backed company. With a great point density, this LiDAR sensor allows our LiDAR system to fly easily at 70m AGL with a 120m swath.

We recommend a balanced 10 m/s flight speed to benefit from the Mapper’s point density while being productive.  For example, flying at 70m AGL, 10 m/s, with 20% side overlap, you will be able to map 10 ha in 3 minutes.

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