Introducing The DroMight Talon Drop System

Posted by on 8/10/2020 to Product Info

A drop system is a device that mounts to your drone and allows you to do exactly what the name implies, drop objects from your drone while in flight. This added ability is great in emergency situations and can be used to drop life preservers, cell phones, medical supplies, and much more. When designing the DroMight Talon, our goal was to remove all of the problems associated with other drop systems, and we did exactly that. The Talon is packed with features that make it incredibly easy to use and safer than any other system. To top it off, the Talon is compatible with both the DJI Matrice 210 V1 and V2 (RTK or non RTK versions).

Modular Design

At the forefront of our design is a modular mounting system that allows for 30 second installations and removals so that you can launch your drone into action quickly. While other systems require you to remove and install several screws during installation, the Talon has fixed mounting points that can stay on the side of your drone even while stored in your case. Lengthy installation times limit the usefulness of most other systems.

External Loading Button

Activating and loading the Talon before takeoff is extremely easy with the built in external button. On the back of the device is a large red button that opens and closes the drop mechanism when pressed. This feature only requires power from the aircraft which means you can load the object into the drop mechanism without being connected to the remote controller. You can open and close the device as many times as necessary before starting your mission.

Three Press Activation

Dropping objects in flight is safe and easy with the DroMight Talon. Our system enables you to activate the drop mechanism using one of the programmable buttons on the Cendence remote controller. Once you have a button mapped, you must press that button three consecutive times in order for the object to drop in flight. This eliminates the possibility of accidental drops, significantly increasing the safety of your operation. An added bonus to this feature is not having to go into the settings to activate the drop. Other drop systems are not as advanced as the Talon so in order to activate the drop you have to go deep into the settings in the DJI Pilot app, all while flying the drone. 

For anyone looking to expand the capabilities of their drone program, the Talon is a great addition to your drone tool box. The safety and ease of use make it the safest and most convenient drop system available.

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