Icom A16 VHF COM Air Band Transceiver

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Part Number:IC-A16
  • • Includes Transceiver, 1 Battery, and Charging Dock
  • • Full Keypad to Directly Input Channel or Frequency
  • • LCD Backlight for Night Time Operation
  • • IP67 Rated
The Icom A16 handheld transceiver is a must have item if you plan to operate your drone near airports as it will allow you to monitor air traffic. Included in the kit is the A16 with 1 battery and a charging dock. The 2400mAh Li-ion battery lasts over 17 hours so this kit includes everything you should need. In addition to an incredibly long battery life, the transceiver is water proof with an IP67 rating, and has an LCD back light for night time operations.

TX  Frequencies:   118.00 - 136.99166MHz
RX  Frequencies:   108.00 - 136.99166MHz
RX  Weather Frequencies:   161.650-163.275MHz

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