How to Calibrate the DJI P1 Lens

Posted by on 5/12/2023 to How To's
The DJI P1 is a full-frame sensor camera with interchangeable lenses that produces incredible 2D and 3D models with survey grade accuracy.  But in order to get the accuracy you need, you will have to perform a lens calibration when you first get the camera, or any time you swap lenses. The purpose of the calibration is to find the exact center of the exit pupil of the lens. This is the point used for the GPS position data written to each image. Without the calibration, your data can be slightly shifted.

How to Use The DJI H20 Series Cameras

Posted by on 2/18/2021 to How To's

DJI’s H20 series cameras for the Matrice 300 RTK are the most versatile drone cameras available. Both the H20 and H20T have three sensors: a wide angle 12MP RGB sensor, a laser range finder and a 23x hybrid optical zoom sensor. The only difference between the two cameras is that the H20T has one additional sensor, a 640 x 512 resolution 30Hz thermal imaging sensor.

How to Activate DJI Enterprise Shield Renew

Posted by on 12/9/2020 to How To's

If your DJI Enterprise Shield protection plan is expiring soon, chances are you want to renew your coverage. The first step in renewing your Shield coverage is to track the expiration date. This sounds like a no brainier, but the date always creeps up faster than you think, and if you don't stay on top of it you might miss the window.