DJI Matrice 300 RTK vs Matrice 30 Series | Everything you Need to Know

Posted by on 9/11/2022 to Comparisons
If you're looking to add a new drone to your fleet chances are you've come across the DJI Matrice series. Back in 2020, the Matrice 300 RTK was released and quickly became the go to platform for industrial drone applications. It offered incredible payload options such as the DJI H20 series, and later the P1 and L1 along with many others. Fast forward to 2022 and DJI releases the Matrice 30 series which features two models - the Matrice 30 and the Matrice 30T. Usually when it comes to technology newer is always better, but that's not necessarily the case here. The Matrice 30 series was released not to replace the Matrice 300, but to offer a more compact commercial drone for users who may not need all that the Matrice 300 has to offer. Check out the video below to learn about the major differences and similarities between the two platforms and why you might want one versus the other.

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