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The DroMight Talon is the ultimate drop system for the DJI Matrice 210 V1 and DJI Matrice 210 V2.  This modular system allows the operator to quickly install and uninstall the Talon drop system in less than 30 seconds. Using your Matrice 200/210 Cendence controller you can map a button to the drop system so that you can remotely trigger a drop with ease.  Once you've mapped a button on your controller, you can command the  DroMight Talon to drop your payload by clicking the mapped button three times.  There is no other payload drop system on the market that can compare to the DroMight Talon. 

The Best Drop System Available For Your DJI Matrice 210 V1 and V2 Aircraft

The DroMight™ Talon payload drop system is the only true professional drop system available for your drone.

We've heard from countless drone pilots who fly drones for public safety agencies and they've told us that they are not comfortable using the drop systems that are available in the market. In fact, a good number of them have held off on purchasing a payload drop system because they are concerned with safety and reliability. They've been wanting to use a payload drop system to help save lives but they are not comfortable deploying any of the devices that were in the marketplace prior to the DroMight™ drop system. What is it that they did not like about the drop systems available in the marketplace? We know that there are a lot of words on this page but we promise you that each word is worth reading. There is only one thing more important that purchasing a drone payload drop system for your public safety team and that is, buying the right payload drop system for your public safety team.

There were a few common problems that exist with all of the drop systems that came before the DroMight™ Talon drop system. For starters, some of the very low quality systems don't even connect to a hard-point on the aircraft. What is a hard-point you ask? Let's answer that question by looking at a simple example. Imaging that you want to tow a small trailer from the back of your car to a neighbor's house around the block. You don't have a trailer hitch on the back of your car so you open the trunk of your car and you tie a heavy rope to a small metal latch inside your trunk. You give the rope a few strong tugs and decide that it is strong enough to tow your trailer around the block to your neighbor's house. You begin the short drive around the block with the trailer in tow. A few seconds down the road you hear a loud thump and you notice in your rear-view mirror that the trailer is no longer connected to your car. The trailer veers off the road and comes to an abrupt stop after hitting a tree. You think to yourself, what happened? The answer is simple - you did not connect the trailer to a hard-point on your car. Several of the low quality drop systems made for drones connect to the bottom of the aircraft by fastening a few self-tapping screws into the aircraft's plastic body. These screws can easily pull out from the plastic under a load. What is the point of using a drop system if the system itself can drop off of the drone? If your drop system is not connected to a hard-point on the drone it is simply UNSAFE! Everyone knows that you should never purchase a drop system that is not properly secured to the aircraft at a hard-point connection.

There are quite a few additional problems with the other drop systems on the market. There is actually one or two drop systems in the market that require a separate controller to operate. These systems are so ridiculous and unnecessarily complex to use. These poorly designed products require that you operate the drop mechanism using a second remote controller. Picture this - you're a police officer and your desperately trying to help a victim drifting off shore in a small row boat. The occupant of the boat has no life preserver and the water's currents are quickly pulling the boat and its passenger off shore. The officer attaches a life preserver to the drone's drop system and flies toward the row boat. The police officer hovers above the small boat and fumbles with a second controller as he attempts to drop the life preserver to the person in the boat. The wind is blowing and the police officer struggles to manage the drone's position while he juggles between two controllers. I think you can quickly see how bad this design is. We often wonder what the designer of this drop system was thinking? Never purchase a drop system that cannot be controlled using the aircrafts remote controller.

You're probably wondering to yourself, why would anyone make a drop system that does not connect to a hard-point and requires a second controller to operate it! Hold onto that thought as there are actually a few more things that are equally ridiculous about the other drop systems in the marketplace...and just like the problems discussed above, you should stay away from these drone payload drop systems too. The next problem that we will highlight is how the drone pilot triggers the payload drop system to drop the drone's payload. It seems so obvious that you should simply press a button on the drones controller to drop the payload, but believe it or not, these payload drop system manufacturers can't seem to figure out how to trigger a drop by pressing a button on the controller. By now your wondering to yourself, if you don't press a button on the controller to drop the payload then how do you trigger the payload to drop? Because these other manufacturers don't know how to assign a button to drop the payload, they force you to go into the drones App (while in flight) and search through a complex menu system to either turn on the drone's external power source, or program and upload a profile while in flight. If these payload drop system manufactures would actually fly a drone for a few hours they would quickly realize how awkward, dangerous and irresponsible it is to be searching through a menu system while their drone is flying overhead. Now, try flying your drone and fumbling through your App's menu system while your heart is racing as you try to drop a life preserver at or near a drowning victim. Why in the world would anyone use a drone payload drop system in a real life emergency when they have to divert their attention away from the task at hand in order to search through an App's menu system to drop the payload? Never purchase a drone drop system that cannot be triggered by a button on the drone's controller.

The truth is that other than the DroMight™ Talon drop system, there is no drone payload drop system that you can purchase that solves all of the problems discussed thus far. The DroMight™ Talon is a true stand-out. It's hard to believe that there are even more problems with the other manufacturer's drop systems. Here is another problem that is inherent with most of the other drone payload drop system products in the market. They are all difficult to install and uninstall onto your drone. The competitor's payload drop systems are hard to install and are rather large and clumsy. Their mounting brackets are designed to remain on the drone forever, which presents a few problems. Now anyone who uses a drone on a regular basis knows that a drone is like a Swiss army knife. Drone's are used for many different purposes. The payload drop feature is something that might not be used everyday but when you need it, you want to deploy it quickly. Having said this, keeping a drop system permanently attached to your drone is what the other manufacturers require - and is rather inconvenient. Why is it inconvenient to keep the payload drop system installed all of the time? Well, there are a few reasons. First off, there is added weight that offsets flight time. Secondly, with the payload drop system's bracket installed on the aircraft, your drone might not fit into your storage case. Lastly, the mounting bracket can interfere with the aircrafts bottom sensors. While this is something that you must accept when using the payload system to save a life, it is not something that you should accept while using your drone for other purposes. Now that you know this, never purchase a drone drop system that cannot quickly, and completely, be removed from your drone.

Believe it or not there is still one more problem with all of the other drone payload drop systems. When you want to attached your payload to the drop system, other manufactures requires you to power up your drone, then power up the controller, and finally, navigate your way through the controller's App to open the payload's drop pin. Now that you have your payload inserted into the drop system, you must go back into your App and navigate your way again in order to close the pin in the drop system. How ridiculous is that? The DroMight™ Talon has a built in button on the bottom of the payload system that lets you load and unload your payload without requiring access to the controller . You simply press a button on the Talon, attach your payload and off you go. It's that easy. In fact, with the DroMight™ Talon drop system you don't even have to turn on your controller to load your payload. Picture this - you're working as a team and your pilot is holding the drone's controller. The drone is hundreds if not thousands of feet away from the pilot and the controller. A second team member walks over to the drone, presses the button on the drop system, and loads the payload without being anywhere near the controller or the pilot. That is teamwork if you ask me! In a real life situation where you are trying to save a life, public safety experts always operate in teams. Knowing this, never purchase a drone payload drop system where you cannot attach your payload without requiring access to the drone's controller.

Okay, I promise, this is the last flaw in all of the competing drone payload drop systems. And after you learn about this flaw, we'll walk you through how the DroMight™ Talon has solved all of these problems and more. This last problem that we've identified is the potential for an accidental drop. What is an accidental drop? Let's say you and your team loaded your drop system with a small temperature controlled bag that included a bottle of water for hydration, a bottle of Orange juice for sugar, and medicine for an individual's diabetes. These items are attached to your drone's payload drop system and you need to fly them to a person in need located along a remote hiking trail. You are within a few hundred feet from the person in need and you being to search through your App's menu system to prepare for the drop. Unfortunately, with all of the stress and pressure associated with this mission, you press a menu option in the app by accident and you drop the payload several hundred feet from your intended location. You quickly realize that your payload is now one-hundred and fifty feet up in a tree and far from the person in need. That is what an accidental drop is and it could cause a person their life. This is not an exaggeration as accidental drops can happen very easily. This is were good old fashioned engineering meets with ingenuity. With the DroMight™ Talon drop system this is not possible. Using a high precision micro-controller combined with state-of-the art software, accidental drops cannot happen with the Talon. In order to drop a payload with the Talon, the operator must hit a button the remote controller three consecutive times to drop the payload. Here is how the previous scenario would play out with the Talon. The pilot would fly the drone and payload near the person in need. They would use the drones camera system to fly precisely over the destination drop zone. The pilot would visually confirm the drop location using the cameras real-time display. Without having to fumble with the controller's app, the pilot would hit the drop button on the controller three times. One, two, three and the emergency supplies would drop to the ground exactly where the pilot intended. The person in need would pickup the supplies from the ground and, you know the rest, happily ever after! Never purchase a drone payload drop system where you could accidentally drop your payload.

I promised that there were no more flaws worth discussing in the competitors drop systems, but that depends on whether or not you consider overpaying for a product a flaw. The bizarre thing is that even with all of the problems discussed above, there are still a few manufacturers who dare charge excessively for their products. In fact, there is at least one manufacturer that is more than two times the price of the DroMight™ Talon drop system. How about that, two times more expensive than a product that has none of the problems that exist in all of the competing products. There is at least one company that sells a drop system that is slightly less expensive but it attaches to the bottom of the drone by driving self-taping screws into the drone's plastic shell. This is not something you want at any price. Always demand the best, and never over pay for inferior products.

The DroMight™ Talon payload drop system is the obvious choice and here is why:

You've probably figured out by now that the DroMight™ Talon is not at all like the other drone payload drop systems in the market. Why would we point out all of the problems with the competing products unless the Talon was different. We'll you would be right, the DroMight™ Talon drop system is a real stand-out and solves all of the problems that we discussed above. Let's go one by one and show you how the DroMight™ Talon stands out over and over again and why you should purchase this system for your drone.

Hard Point Connection

Further up on this page we talked about what a hard point connection is. Basically, this is a very strong attaching point on the drone where it is very unlikely that the drop device could separate without excessive force and abuse. The DroMight™ Talon has aluminum CNC machined attaching tabs that get installed between the aircraft legs and the aircraft body using a set of 3mm stainless steel screws with each tab. The DroMight™ Talon attaching tabs can remain on the aircraft forever once installed. The two critical take-aways from this paragraph is that the Talon's attaching tabs are fastened to a hard point on the aircraft, and they are designed to be so small that they never interfere with the aircraft or with its packaging when not in use. These attaching tabs allow for a quick installation and removal of the actual Talon drop mechanism which ultimiately mates with the attaching tabs when being deployed.

Dropo Your Payload By Pressing A Button On The Drone's Controller

Yes, it's that easy - and it should be that easy. Unfortunately, the competitors just don't know how to do this. The DroMight™ Talon uses state of the art software combined with a high end microcontroller that makes it possible to assign a button on your remote controller to initiate the drop. In fact, The DroMight™ Talon takes it one step further to make sure that you cannot accidentally drop the payload. Using the DroMight™ Talon drone payload drop system it goes like this: Attach your payload to the drone and fly to your drop zone. Using your drones integrated camera system, aim your camera on the drop zone by pointing the camera 90 degrees down from the level postion (also know as the Nadir view). When the camera tells you that you are over the drop zone, stabilize the aircraft and press the assigned button on your remote controller three consecutive times - one, two, three and your payload will immediately release from the aircraft. Notice that using the DroMight™ Talon, you don't have to divert your attention away from the mission at all!

The Modular Design Makes It Easy To Install and Remove

The initial installation of the DroMight™ Talon consists of installing the Talon's mounting tabs on your drone. This takes about five minutes using the parts and tools included with the kit. After the initial installation, the mounting tabs will live on your drone as there is no need to ever take off the mounting tabs once installed. The mounting tabs are so small and light-weight, weighing in at only 26 grams. When you are ready to put your DroMight™ Talon to work, it takes less than 30 seconds to attach the Talon to the mounting tabs and off you go! The Talon was design with public safety experts in mind; when you are up against the clock and you are trying to safe a life, minutes matter! Click on the video to the right to see how simply it is to install the Talon on your DJI Matrice 210 aircraft.

Attaching Your Payload In The Field

The designers of the DroMight™ Talon spoke with numerous public safety experts and quickly learned that in real life situations, the person operating the drone's controller could be hundreds, if not thousands of feet away from the drone. For this reason, in life saving missions, it is essential that another crew member can load the payload onto the aircraft without having access to the remote controller. To solve this problem, and make the Talon the best drone payload drop system available today, the designs of the Talon engineered a button into the Talon so that the drop system's actuator pin could be opened and closed without ever having to have access to the Drone's controller. Unlike any other drop system, a life saving payload can be attached to the DroMight™ Talon without requiring access to the remote controller. This very essential feature, which is available only on the Talon, can make the difference between life and death.

What Does The DroMight™ Talon Cost And Where Can I Purchase It?

If you've read this far, you know why the DroMight™ Talon is the only product worth purchasing for your public safety department. You've also realized that the other drop systems are unnecessarily complicated to use and can jeopardize the success of a life saving mission. You are probably wondering what it will cost to purchase the best drone drop system available. The amazing reality is that the DroMight™ Talon is priced far less than some of the competitors products. We know that you cannot put a price on a life that you save and we want to make sure that the DroMight™ Talon is priced within reach of everyone who needs it. We have been told by many of our public safety customers that the Talon is priced perfectly and that most public safety agencies can purchase it without delay using a credit card. The reason why this is so important is that the DroMight™ Talon can be purchased without have to go through the lengthly bidding process.

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