DIY External Antenna Kit For Yuneec Typhoon H

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  • • Two 10 Inch Pigtail RP-SMA Connectors
  • • Two 3.25 inch 2.4ghz Antennas With RP-SMA Connectors
  • • One Piece of Shrink Rap Tubing
  • • Modification For Yuneec Typhoon H
Terrestrial Imaging's DIY Antenna Modification Kit

The Terrestrial Imaging team is bringing you a DIY upgraded antenna kit for your Yuneec Typhoon H. This kit includes: Two 10 inch pigtail RP-sma connectors, Two 3.25 inch 2.4ghz antennas with RP-sma connectors, and One piece of clear shrink rap tubing. These will replace the stock antennas on the Typhoon H. These antennas will be located behind the retract modules, and will not be seen in the camera's field of view when rotating 360 degrees. 

Note: This will void the manufacturer's warranty

If you want these antennas, but do not know how to install them Terrestrial has a video tutorial to help you out. If you can not do this, but want these antennas, Terrestrial Imaging will install them for you for a flat fee of $99.99 and shipping to and from our shop. 

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