The CZI LP12 Live Speaking Feature is Now Available

Posted by on 9/18/2022 to Product Info

The CZI LP12 is a 2 in 1 spotlight and megaphone attachment for the DJI M30T and M30. When it was first released it was lacking the ability to access the RC Plus controller's microphone. This meant that the only way to play a message through the speaker was to type out a message on the controller, or to upload audio files to the LP12 via a micro SD card. The problem with these options is that typing out a message in the field is too time consuming and distracting, and having pre-recorded audio files limits your ability to create new unique messages during flight. Now with the latest updates to the Matrice 30 and LP12, the attachment can access the controller's microphone.

With access to the microphone, you now have two new ways to play your message through the megaphone. The first option is to live broadcast your voice. This essentially turns the controller's mic into a hot mic that is always broadcasting what you are saying in real time. This option can be great when flying far away, but if you are too close to the controller you will hear an endless feedback loop because the controller's mic will pick up the audio from the speaker. The second option is to record a message though the controller and then play it immediately after. This eliminates the possibility of a feedback loop. You even have the option to repeatedly play the same message.

Check out the video below to see the two new features in action!

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