Yuneec Typhoon H Balancing Smart Charger DIY Upgrade Kit

Yuneec Typhoon H Balancing Smart Charger DIY Upgrade Kit

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Part Number:YUNTYHSC4000-4kit
  • • Yuneec Typhoon H SC4000-4 4-cell/4S 14.8V LiPo, 4A DC Balancing Smart Charger Base
  • • 14 Gauge Silicon Black and Red Wire
  • • Male and Female EC3 Banana Plug RC Connector Pair
  • • JST-XH 4S Balance Connector With Male End Connector
  • • Part number: YUNTYHSC4000-4
  • DIY Instructions
Typhoon H Battery Charging DIY Upgrade Kit
Part Number: YUNTYHSC4000-4kit

This DIY (Do It Yourself) kit contains everything that you need to convert the Typhoon H factory charging base station to a charging base station that can be used with many of the popular RC battery chargers. After you have completed the assembly, you will be able to quick charge your battery, discharge your battery, balance your battery and put your battery into storage mode.  Purchase multiple kits and charge more than one battery at a time using your dual RC battery charger (not included).

After you complete the assembly of this kit, you can charge your Typhoon H Battery (part number YUNTYH105 sold separately) using your favorite RC charger  (RC charger not included).  To charge the Typhoon H battery, simply place the battery in the modified charging base station.  Next,  connect the female end of the EC3 connector from your modified charger base to your RC charger's male EC3 connector. Next, connect the balancing cable to your chargers balancing port. Then, follow the instructions that come with your RC charger to charge, discharge, balance or place your battery into storage bode.

WARNING: When using this DIY modified battery charger, NEVER connect the charging base to your RC charger and to your factory supplied Yuneec charger at the same time. Always remember to monitor your batteries when they are charging and never leave batteries charging unattended. Always keep a fire extinguisher handy when charging batteries.

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