Yuneec Gimbal Connection Board

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Part Number:TI100016
  • • Includes Gimbal Connection Board, Wire, And Screws
  • • Compatible With Yuneec Typhoon H, Typhoon H Plus, And H520
  • • Genuine Yuneec Parts
The gimbal connection board is an extremely important part of your Yuneec aircraft. This board is responsible for powering and controlling the camera on the bottom of your aircraft, whether it is the CGO3+ camera on the Typhoon H, the C23 camera on the Typhoon H Plus, or an E90 camera on the H520. The camera slides onto the contact board and is then locked in place. 

This part is often damaged after a crash, and may be the reason why your camera is not receiving power from the aircraft, or the reason why your camera may not be mounted properly. 

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