Yuneec DY5 Dual Charger For H520 and Typhoon H Plus

No Longer Available
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Part Number:TI100088
  • • Dual Charging Capabilities
  • • Built In Storage Feature
  • • Reduces Charging Time
  • • Built in Display
  • • Compatible With Yuneec Typhoon H Plus & H520 Batteries
The DY5 charger is a dual charger designed specifically for the high voltage batteries for the Yuneec H520 and Typhoon H Plus. This charger will significantly reduce the amount of time spent charging your batteries due to its dual charging capabilities and efficient smart balance charging. 

Built into the charger is a function that allows you to safely and easily put your batteries into storage mode. With its built in display you can see charge time, cell voltage, real time battery capacity and capacity percentage. 

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