Why is my DJI Matrice 300 RTK Drifting?

Posted by on 12/3/2020 to Troubleshooting
Is your DJI Matrice 300 RTK drifting or sluggish? If so, you're lucky you found Terrestrial Imaging because we've got the fix.

Surprisingly, the most common reason why your Matrice 300 is acting funny has nothing to do with the aircraft itself. Typically when the drone moves normally in one direction, but drifts or moves slowly in another, the controller sticks are to blame. Now that you know that, here's how you can check and possibly fix the problem.

Step 1: Check to see if you control sticks are working.

  • Turn on the remote controller and open up the DJI Pilot app. Once you are in the app, go into the remote controller settings. *The drone does not need to be turned on, only the controller*
  • Now that you are in the remote controller settings, click "Remote Controller Calibration" and it will take you to a screen where you can check the functionality of your control sticks.
  • Once you are in the remote controller calibration menu, you can test the functionality of the control sticks. Move each stick as far they can go in every direction. At the furthest points, the value should reach 100. If the value does not reach 100, then the next step is to calibrate the control sticks.

Step 2: Remote Controller Calibration

Now that you know the control sticks aren't working properly, it is time to calibrate them.

  • Click the blue "calibrate" button on the bottom of the screen.
  • Next, move the control sticks as far as they can in all directions repeatedly until the boarder of the square is completely blue. You may have to pass over each section multiple times to complete the process.
  • The last step in the process is to calibrate the right and left dials on the back of the controller. Even though these are not the cause of your problem, this is just part of the whole DJI remote controller calibration process. Simply rotate the dials as far as they can go in both directions.

***Important! When starting and completing the calibration, the control sticks and dials need to be in the center position***

If your controller is still not working properly after the calibration, try it a couple more times. After a few failed attempts it may be safe to say that something in the remote controller is damaged.

If this troubleshooter helped, please let us know! We would love to work with you and your team to help support and develop your drone program.