ST16 to ST16+ Conversion Kit

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Part Number:TI100335
  • • Includes 1 Whip Antenna, 1 Patch Antenna, And 1 Connection Wire
  • • Recommended For Use With 4Hawks Range Extending Antenna
The standard ST16 controller has two external antennas. These antennas are responsible for the communication between the ST16 controller, and the CGO3+ camera and Typhoon H. There are two other antennas that are internal. These two antennas are for the wi-fi and telemetry. The ST16+ has the same four antennas; the difference is that the telemetry antenna is external as well, adding up to be 3 total external antennas. 

We recommend this upgrading your controller so that you can use the 4Hawks range extending antenna for the Typhoon H, as it requires 3 external antennas. Included with this kit is 1 whip antenna, 1 patch antenna, and 1 antenna connection wire.

For instructions on installing this kit follow our installation video:

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