My Matrice 210 V2 RTK Won't Pair With my D-RTK2 GNSS Mobile Station?

Posted by on 11/25/2020 to Troubleshooting
If you have been searching for hours, take a deep breath and relax because the search for your answer is here. If this is your first stop on your troubleshooting quest then you're lucky you found Terrestrial Imaging.

Let's get right to it. You followed the DJI tutorial for pairing the D-RTK2 high precision GNSS mobile station with the DJI Matrice 210 V2 RTK and nothing is working. The instructions are simple and easy to follow, but no matter what you try, it does not work. Here's the secret, the process in the video is 100% correct, but the firmware in your mobile station is the wrong firmware for your drone. How can that be? Well, the D-RTK2 mobile station you are using for your Matrice 210 RTK is the same ground station you would use with the Matrice 300 RTK.

If you pug your mobile station into the DJI Assistant 2 computer application, you will notice multiple firmware versions. The firmware listed is a mix of different versions that are meant for either the M210 V2 RTK or the M300 RTK. This means that if you update the D-RTK2 to the latest version, it will only pair with a Matrice 300. So finally, the solution is to simply downgrade the firmware to an earlier version so that the D-RTK2 can pair with your Matrice 210 V2 RTK.

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