MicaSense Altum Multispectral And Thermal Imaging Kit With DJI Skyport

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  • • 5.2cm GSD per pixel (per multispectral band)
  • • Blue, Green, Red, Red Edge, Near Infrared Spectral Bands, and Thermal Imaging with a Global Shutter
  • • Recieves Power From Aircraft
  • • Includes DLS 2 (Light Sensor) and CRP 2 (Calibration Panel)

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The MicaSense Altum is a new, revolutionary 3-in-1 solution with unparalleled sensing capabilities. Altum captures synchronized thermal, multispectral, and high resolution imagery, producing aligned outputs for advanced analytics. Capture data on plant health, phenotype, and water stress all in a single flight. Integration is simple with multiple interface options and embedded mounting points.

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