Lume Cube Lighting Kit for Yuneec H520, Typhoon H Plus, & Typhoon H

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Part Number:TI100093
  • • Compatible with Yuneec H520, Typhoon H Plus, & Typhoon H
  • • 2 Lume Cubes
  • • 1 Mount for the Typhoon H
  • • 2 Micro USB Charging Cables
  • • 0-1500 Lumens
  • • Bluetooth Ready
  • • 2+ Hour Battery Life at 50% Charge
This light kit is for the Yuneec Typhoon H. The mount fits on top of the mount set for the CGO3+ camera and the two lights are installed on the side. The mount takes the place of the rubber damper protective cover. These lights are extremely bright and are perfect for search and rescue, or just flying at night.

Lume Cubes

The Lume Cube’s durable casing is built for action. Providing professional quality lighting to your everyday life, the Lume Cube will allow you to revolutionize your photos and videos.

Made to fit your lifestyle, whether you're loyal to Apple or Android, the Lume Cube is ready to pair with your smartphone. Our free app lets you control flash, duration, and brightness of multiple cubes.

Make the most out of your nights with the Lume Cube and our proprietary accessories. Made to pair with any Casual Capture Device™, you can now illuminate your night-time adventures.

Now your photo studio can be as mobile as you are. With powerful and adjustable light, you can even use the Lume Cube as a slave for your DSLR camera – offering unlimited capabilities for firing multiple cubes to completely light your scene.

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