FLIR Vue TZ20 - The Latest Thermal Drone Payload

Posted by on 8/26/2020 to Product Info

Just yesterday, FLIR introduced the Vue TZ20, their newest thermal imaging drone payload for the DJI Matrice 300 and 200 V2 series. The TZ20 is the first fully integrated drone payload to include not one, but two high resolution 640 x 512 Boson thermal imaging sensors. 

Why Two Thermal Sensors?

The need for two thermal sensors may not be so obvious at first, but the idea is brilliant. One of the sensors has a wide 95 degree field of view while the other has a much narrower 18 degree field of view. By having both options, the pilot can focus more pixels on a specific subject using the narrower field of view and gain better situational awareness of the area around them by switching to the wider field of view. In addition to the dual sensors, the Vue TZ20 is capable of 20x digital zoom. Altogether, this makes it one of the most versatile thermal imaging payloads available in the commercial drone space. 

The biggest advantage to this system is that there are no trade offs. Other thermal payloads such as the XT2 are only available with one thermal sensor. This means that the pilot is limited to only one field of view, making their payload most effective at only certain distances. 

To learn more about the FLIR Vue TZ20, contact Terrestrial Imaging’s team of drone experts.