EC3 Ten Pack Banana Plug Female and Male Bullet Connectors for RC LIPO Batteries

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Part Number:TI100332
  • • 10 Pairs EC3 Banana Plug Female and Male Bullet Connecotrs
  • • Includes 10 Female Housings with 20 Female Solder Connectors
  • • Includes 10 Male Housings with 20 Male Solder Connectors
  • • Part Number: EC3_10PACK

EC3 Bullet Connectors offer a very secure connection and are ideal power connectors for electric applications. These connectors are capable of 60 continuous amps, are ergonomically easy to grip, and protect against short and reverse polarity.

What's Included 

  • 10 Female housings with 20 matching female metal solder connectors
  • 10 Male housings with 20 matching male metal solder connectors

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