DroMight Blue Navigation Drone Strobe Light

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  • • Includes Blue Strobe Light And Strobe Light Pod With Dual Lock Pad And Colored Button
  • • Stronger Than Standard Hook And Loop Fastener
  • • High Intensity LED Strobe Lights
  • • Built in Rechargeable Battery
  • • Stand-Alone Operation That Does Not Require Connection to The Drone
  • • 3+ Hour Battery Life
  • • Can Easily be Charged Using Any Micro USB Charging Cable
  • • Weighs Only 9g
Assists The Pilot By Indicating The Drone's Direction

During day time and night time drone operations, it can be challenging for the remote pilot in command to see which way the drone is facing, especially at a distance. The DroMight blue navigation strobe light helps drone pilots with the orientation of their aircraft while in flight. It is recommended to use the DroMight red, white, or green anti collision strobe lights to comply with the FAA's requirement for anti collision lighting, and the blue navigation strobe light to assist the pilot and crew.

Strobe Light Features

  • High intensity LED strobe lights
  • Built in rechargeable battery
  • Stand-alone operation that does not require connection to the drone
  • 3+ hours of continuous operation
  • Can easily be charged using any micro USB charging cable


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