DJI Phantom 4 RTK Hard Case With Ground Station by Go Professional Cases

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  • • Compatible With the DJI Phantom 4 RTK
  • • Stores the Copter, Controller, 4 Batteries, RTK Ground Station Head
  • • Watertight Hard Case
  • • Military Standard Drop Tested
This work horse of a Phantom P4 travels a lot of valuable accessories. We have been waiting to get a good understanding for what the users are going need in the field and this case packs it. This case packs a punch with the Phantom, RTK Ground station, plenty of batteries for both, chargers and much more. This case keeps all the items secure and well organized. We also know that quick deploy is important, therefore we have designed the P4 cavity to keep the props on. We also designed knowing that the tripod and pole are not always required, and they are very robust to travel on their own or with little protection.

The Case Stores:
  • 1 DJI Phantom P4 RTK with props on
  • 1 X3, X5 Pro or X5 Raw Camera in Camera Box (Removable plug to accommodate either box)
  • 1 Phantom Controller
  • 1 RTK Ground Station Head
  • 3 RTK/Controller Batteries (Cendence size)
  • 1 RTK/Controller Battery Charging Hub
  • 1 RTK/Controller Charger
  • 4 Phantom Batteries
  • Phantom Battery Charger
  • Phantom Battery Charging Hub
  • RTK Ground Station Clip
  • Cable Storage Cavity
  • Accessory Cavity
  • Spare Props cavity

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