DJI Enterprise Shield Basic Protection Plan

Call 800-359-0530 For Pricing
Digital Codes Available.
Free Standard Shipping.
Part Number:Shield Basic
  • Call 800-359-0530 to Order
  • • Covers 2 Replacements Within 1 Year at a Fee
  • • Free Standard Shipping to And From DJI
  • • Digital Code Provided After Order
  • • Available For Matrice 200 Series, Mavic 2 Enterprise Series, Phantom 4 RTK, X4S, X5S, And Z30
DJI Enterprise Shield Basic is a service plan that covers up to two replacements of your drone or payload within one year. The service plan covers all accidents whether they are user error, signal interference, collision, water damage, or drop damage. While most DJI Enterprise drones include Enterprise Shield Basic when purchased from a Enterprise Dealer, most payloads and some drones may not include the service plan. Enterprise Shield Basic can be purchased separately and can be activated with your new drone or payload so long as it has not been activated for more than 48 hours. 

Shield Basic is available for the following drones and payloads:
  • Matrice 200 (V1 or V2)
  • Matrice 210 (V1 or V2)
  • Matrice 210 RTK (V1 or V2)
  • Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual
  • Mavic 2 Enterprise Zoom
  • Phantom 4 RTK
  • Zenmuse X4S
  • Zenmuse Z30
  • Zenmuse X5S

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