Brinc Lemur Indoor Tactical SWAT Drone

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  • Call 800-359-0530 to Order
  • • 30+ Minute Flight Time And 10 Hour Perch Time
  • • Night Vision That Works in All Lighting Conditions
  • • Cellular Based Two-Way Audio System For Negotiating
  • • Modular Accessory Port For Glass Breaker, Flood Light, And More
  • • Self-Righting Capabilities When Drone Flips Upside Down
  • • Made in The USA
A Whole New Kind of Tactical Robot

The Brinc Lemur sets a new benchmark for tactical drones and tactical robots alike. Previously, indoor flights were impossible or impractical due to the many limitations of the current consumer and commercial drones. Ground robots have a different problem; they can easily get tangled or caught up in a messy environment and can't navigate as quickly or easily as a drone. Brinc has solved all of these issues with the Lemur, creating the first and only indoor tactical robot ready for all SWAT missions.

Cellular Two-Way Audio System 

One of the most unique features of the Brinc Lemur is the onboard, fully integrated two-way communication system. The Lemur is the only drone equipped with a speaker and microphone that allows your SWAT team to have a full conversation with the people inside. At full volume the speaker can heard up to 500 feet away. The microphone can detect noise such as footsteps, opening doors, and people at distances of up to 75 feet away. 

Encrypted With Near-Zero Latency

When using other drones for indoor use, don't expect to get very far. Concrete walls and metal structures interfere with the signal between the drone and controller causing you to lose a significant amount of range. These problems don't exist with the Lemur. Its fully encrypted communication system easily penetrates through building so that there is never latency or loss of signal. 

Day/Night Vision System

One of the biggest challenges of indoor flight is the fluctuating light levels throughout a building. Some areas of the building may be perfectly bright while others are pitch black. With the Lemur, this is never a problem thanks to its built in IR sensor. The IR sensor can see in the lowest of lighting conditions.

Self Righting System 

A crash landing or hard hit against a wall won't stop the Lemur. Its robust design in combination with its self righting feature keeps it flying when other drones would be destroyed. The propellers are fully surrounded allowing the aircraft to brush against walls and even bounce. 

Modular Accessories

To get even more use out of your Lemur, Brinc has several modular accessories available such as a glass breaker and dropping device. These added features can have a huge impact on your missions. For example, a glass breaker gives you the ability to enter a building from a higher floor by shattering a window and flying in. Never before has something like this been possible.

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