Autel Robotics Announces Made in America Status For EVO 2 Dual

Posted by on 9/4/2020 to Comparisons

Your search for a quality American made drone may finally be over! For years now, the US government has been increasing restrictions on foreign made drones, specifically Chinese made drones, due to national security concerns. While the concerns are understandable, the American made alternatives have always been lacking in their capabilities and reliability, all while charging several times the price. This meant that those who were limited by these restrictions could not utilize the latest and greatest drone technology.

That all changed yesterday; Autel Robotics announced that they have made changes in their manufacturing which qualifies their EVO II Dual as manufactured in the US with foreign and domestic parts and labor. This news is so exciting because the EVO II finally fills the void of a reliable, capable, and affordable American made solution putting an end to the wild goose chase.

The EVO II Dual has quickly become an industry favorite among commercial drone pilots. What sets this drone apart is its high resolution 640 x 512 thermal imaging sensor coupled with its 8K RGB camera. The advanced dual payload system comes fully integrated in a compact, portable air frame capable of 40 minute flight times and omnidirectional obstacle avoidance.

With so many advanced features and such a capable payload, the Autel EVO II Dual should be a tremendous help to the countless drone programs that were previously limited to the lack of quality equipment available to them.