Autel EVO II Dual Thermal Imaging Rugged Bundle

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  • • Includes Aircraft, 3 Batteries, Controller, Charger, Memory Card, SD Card Holder, 2 Propeller Sets, Hard Case, Car Charger, Battery Charging Hub, FoxFury Lighting Kit, And Cables
  • • Dual Optic 640 x 512 Thermal Imaging Payload
  • • Interchangeable Payloads
  • • 9km Operating Range
  • • 40 Minute Maximum Flight Time
  • • Omnidirectional Obstacle Avoidance
Following the incredible Autel EVO 1, the EVO 2 is one of the most highly anticipated drones of 2020. With so many advanced features packed into such a compact drone, everyone is excited to see it in action. The EVO 2 will be available with four different payloads that are all interchangeable. Among those payloads are the world's first fully integrated 8K camera on a folding drone platform, a 6K camera, a high resolution 640x512 dual optic thermal imaging payload, and a lower resolution dual optic thermal imaging payload. Never before in the drone industry has one platform been so versatile. 

In addition to the excellent payload selection, the Autel EVO 2 includes many sought out features such as long flight times, obstacle avoidance, and an excellent operating range. Built into all sides of the aircraft are obstacle avoidance sensors such as vision and sonar. These sensors work together to help preserve your drone by detecting obstacles up to 30 m away and accurately adjusting the speed to avoid collisions. The avoidance speed control feature can also be turned off, giving the pilot full control of the aircraft. The range on the EVO 2 is a phenomenal 9 km (over 5.5 miles). A longer range means more than controlling your drone and viewing the live feed from greater distances. It also means that the signal strength at any distance will be significantly stronger, even in crowded environments. To top it all off, the maximum flight time of the EVO 2 is 40 minutes!

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