AEE Mach 4 10 x Zoom Bundle

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  • • Complete unmanned aircraft system with included 10 x optical zoom camera
  • • 40 minutes of flight time
  • • Commercial grade controller with built in display and 2 terabytes of internal memory
  • • Retractable landing gear for unrestricted panorama
  • • Camera rotates 360 degrees and pitches down 90 degrees
  • • Includes heavy travel case with custom foam cutouts
  • • Includes one battery with a complete battery charging system
  • • Includes four propellers
  • • Additional payloads available such as a 4K camera and a mega-phone speaker system
  • • This aircraft does not restrict flight with no fly zones as other manufacturers do
  • • The aircraft and controller do not require an Internet connection keeping your data private and safe
The AEE Mach 4 Multi-Rotor Commercial sUAS 10 X Optical Zoom Bundle

The AEE Mach™ 4 is an sUAS system designed for flexibility. Capable of 40 minute flights (beyond 40 minutes in optimal conditions), the Mach4 currently offers two payloads, with additional payloads in the near future. Retractable landing gear keeps the aircraft streamlined and legs out of frame. The AEE Mach™ 4 is a ruggedized aircraft with rugged Ground Station Controller created to withstand the rigors of field work whether in wet, dusty, windy, or dirty conditions. It has been field-tested in a variety of applications. Ideal for inspections, over-watch, photography, and general sUAS use, the aircraft is designed for flexibility to fit virtually any workflow.

The ultra-bright Y12 Ground Station Controller is not only a ground-control device, it is a fully functioning Android® device, so files may be immediately shared from the field. The Y12/Mach 4 is a point-to-point data system that may be encrypted, and provides ultimate security. No data is shared at any time. Data security is always within the user control. With a telemetry and video linked capable of solid reception at 3.2 miles, and a two terrabyte HDD pre-loaded with HERE® maps, users are ready to fly in any environment.

This aircraft bundle includes a DAT 9 10 x zoom optical camera which is ideal for capturing details at a distance when the aircraft must be stood off from a targeted area of interest. The DAT 9 10 x zoom optical camera has the following specifications:

• 10X Optical zoom
• Pan/Tilt/Zoom
• 1080p60fps
• 4MP photo
• Micro SD record format
• Looped record capability for active events
• 1/3 sensor
• IPX4 water resistant
• 66° FOV
• f2.0
• Focal Length 4.9mm-49mm

Equipment Specifications:

• Flight Mode: Manual Flight, GPS controlled, Automated
• Positioning System: GPS, Accel, Barometer, Gyro, Magnetic compass
• Flight time: 40 minutes
• Flight Distance: 5Km
• Flight Speed: 18 Mp/s (40Mph)
• Battery Lithium Polymer: 14000mAh 6S, 22V 1.7Kg
• Total Weight: 4.2Kg (with battery/Payload) 9.5lbs
• Axis Diameter: 680mm
• Propeller: 45.75cm/18”
• Operating Range: -10C~50C
• Max Load: 1.1Kg/2.5lb
• Payloads: 10x Optical zoom, 4kp60 1/2.3 sensor, Mega-Phone loud speaker system
• Video Link: 2.4/5.8Ghz
• HDD/Storage: Two Terrabytes Internal, USB, MSD
• Ground Station Control: 7 inch, Touch Screen, 800 nits, Android® Pre-loaded with Here® maps, others may be downloaded
• Waypoints: Up to 100 Waypoints
• This Bundle Includes: Mach 4 aircraft, Y12 Controller, 10 x optical zoom camera, one battery, case, charger

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