Yuneec Tornado H920 Plus RTF Hexa-Copter with Aluminum Case,  ST16 Transmitter, 3 Batteries, CGO4 Camera and ProAction  Handle

Yuneec Tornado H920 Plus RTF Hexa-Copter with Aluminum Case, ST16 Transmitter, 3 Batteries, CGO4 Camera and ProAction Handle

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  • Open the box and fly, it's that easy! Includes:
  • • Tornado H920 Plus Hexa-Copter With CGO4 Camera and ProAction Handle (US)
  • • ST16 Ground Station Controller with Built in 7" Android Touchscreen
  • • Dual port professional charger
  • • Includes Three (3) LIPO Batteries
  • • Aluminum Yuneec Hard Case With Caster Wheels Included
  • • One Set Of Carbon Fiber Propellers (Two Additional Extra Blades)
  • We offer the best service anywhere! We fly this aircraft professionally for our clients and can help you do the same.
  • • Compatible with fours camera options: CGO4, CGO3+, CGOET, CGOCI
  • • Dimensions: 22.0 x 19.7 x 22.8 in.
  • • Includes: CGO4 Camera and ProAction Handle
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The H920 Plus is a multirotor aerial photography and videography platform. Its unique modular design and innovative features make it possible for professionals to capture impressive photographs and video footage for a variety of uses.

Quick-release propeller
In order for it to be operational more quickly, the H920 Plus is equipped as standard with practical quick-release propellers so that there is no need to use a screwdriver during assembly and disassembly. The hand-laminated carbon propeller is attached with just a quarter rotation and can be released again just as quickly at the push of a button.

Foldable arms
The compact dimensions and foldable arms enable ultimate accessibility. These features ensure your H920 Plus is ready to be used when you’re ready to use it.

Multiple intelligent task modes
Take your creativity to the next level by letting H920 Plus’s autonomous flight modes focus on the flying while you focus on the shot.

Orbit Me
H920 Plus flies a circular path around you, keeping the camera trained on you the whole time.

Point Of Interest
Select a subject and H920 Plus will orbit that subject autonomously.

H920 Plus will automatically go up and out, as far as 90 m, and capture the perfect aerial selfie.

Curve Cable Cam
Easily program an invisible route for H920 Plus to fly along. H920 Plus will fly between pre-set coordinates while independently controlling camera position.

Follow Me/ Watch Me
Follow Me ensures H920 Plus moves along with you. Watch Me tells H920 Plus to follow you while always pointing the camera at you wherever you go.

Return Home
Simply switch to Home Mode and H920 Plus will return and land within 8 m of you.

With the H920 Plus, you can now also program waypoints on the basis of Google Maps or Amal. Programming takes place easily, directly and intuitively on the ST16 remote control's touch display. Simply define the departure points, adjust the camera, set the heights and take off. For each waypoint, you can also define whether the H920 Plus will flyby, hover, take photos or film a video sequence.

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