Yuneec H520 with CGO-ET Camera Pre-order

Yuneec H520 with CGO-ET Camera Pre-order

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Expected to Ship September 2017.
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Part Number:H520-CGO-ET-PRE-ORDER
  • • 30 Minute Flight Time
  • • Capable of 3D Mapping
  • • Reliable Flight Performance
  • • Compatible with E90, E50, CGO3+, and CGO-ET Cameras
  • • Open SDK
  • • Includes CGO-ET Camera, 3 Batteries, EV Peak Charger, propeller set with 2 extras, 2 Lume Cubes and mount, Hoodman shade, Pelican case
  • • expected to arrive mid September 2017
The all new Yuneec H520 will be the perfect commercial platform. A huge step up from the Yuneec Typhoon H480 puts this drone on a whole new level. With an improved flight controller board and bigger motors, the H520 is rock solid in flight with virtually no drifting. You can now leave your drone in the air with no worries as it will not move. Along with a more stable flight, the new and  improved H520 batteries allow for up to 30 minutes of flight time. These batteries will also be compatible for the Typhoon H480 and the Typhoon H480 batteries will be compatible with the H520. 

The H520's open SDK allows for third party apps to be used with your drone. This means 3D mapping and photogrammetry, apps that allow you to set automated flight path, and more. Along with it's open SDK is a whole new and improved ground control interface. 

New cameras will be released at the same time as the H520. The two new cameras being released are the Yuneec E50 and E90 cameras. The E50 camera is designed for inspection work. Its narrow field of view and larger focal length allow you to view your subject more clearly from farther away. This will reduce risk when doing inspections. The E90 is a 20MP camera with a 1 inch sensor. This allows for better quality pictures, which makes it ideal for 3D mapping. 

Thermal Imaging is an option for the Yuneec H520. Yuneec's CGO-ET camera, which was released earlier this year for the Yuneec Typhoon H480, will be compatible with the H520. This camera is a dual optic camera with a low light camera. The low light camera is perfect for flying in darker areas, or later hours of the day. 

The Yuneec H520 will be the commercial platform for all uses because of its reliable flight performance and its different camera options.

E50 Specs:

Sensor - 1/3" 2M CCD Video Lens FOV - 90° Thermal FOV - 56° ISO - 100-12800 Shutter - Rolling Shutter Shutter Speed - 1/30-1/8000 Video Resolution - 1920 x 1080p Thermal Resolution - 160 x 120 Sensitivity < 50 mK LWIR Wavelength - 8 - 14 μm Temperature Equalisation - Automatic Temperature Range (Measurement) -10° - 180° Outside thread diameter: N/A

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