U-Reach SD Duplicator with Micro SD Adapters - SD300 Professional Photographer Package

U-Reach SD Duplicator with Micro SD Adapters - SD300 Professional Photographer Package

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Part Number:SD300_Pro
  • • Portable and simple to use. No computer needed.
  • • Quickly duplicate SD memory cards on the go. Give a copy to a customer or a friend and keep the original for yourself.
  • • Supports Linux (Ext2, Ext3), NTFS, FAT
  • • Use to check the quality of your SD memory cards by examing the entire Flash media bit-by-bit.
  • • Use the SD300 to report the accurate capacity of your flash memory cards.
  • • Quick format function makes it possible to format your SD cards in 2 seconds!
  • • Examine the read and write speed of your SD flash cards.
  • • Works with four AA batteries or using the included AC/DC power pack.
  • • Light weight design with friendly user interface
  • • Includes 10 x 4GB MicroSD Memory Cards
  • • Includes 10 x MicroSD to USB memory card adapter/reader (random colors)
  • • Part Number: SD300_Pro
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  • $214.99
This is the ultimate SD and MicroSD memory card portable duplication system available anywhere!
Included in this package is:
  •  U-Reach SD300 best in class SD and MicroSD card duplicator with 3 SD to MicroSD adapter cards and power pack
  • 10 x 4GB MicroSD memory cards
  • 10 USB 2.0 portable MicroSD to USB adapters
Do you need to provide your customers, friends or family with copies of your photographs?  With the SD300 and the contents of this package, you can make instant copies of your SD and MicroSD memory cards onsite without the need for a computer or any other devices.  Simply take your original memory card and insert it into the card duplication.  Next, install one or two blank memory cards into the remaining two slots.  In less than a few minutes you will have multiple copies of your photographs or video.

Using this system, there is no need to return to your computer to copies your files.  The SD300 duplicator is totally portable and can run on either AC power or using AA batteries.

What is the SD 300 Duplicator?

The SD duplicators is a portable digital device that conveniently copies SD storage memory without a computer. The SD 300 is powered by either four AA batteries, or the included AC/DC power supply.

Why Do You Need The SD 300?

If you are a hobbyist or professional and need to provide your friends or customers with a copy of your video or still pictures, then this product is for you. Using the SD 300 SD card duplicator, you can make a duplicate copy of your SD card and give a copy to your friend or customer while keeping the master SD card yourself. There is no need to return to your computer to copy your SD. Simply put the master SD card in one slot and a blank SD card in the other slot and select the copy function. Within a minute or two, you will have a complete copy of everything on your master SD card. When your finished, turn off the SD 300, remove the SD cards and your finished. It's that easy!

What Is Included With The SD 300?

  • SD 300 Mini Duplicator
  • AC/DC Power Pack
  • Three Micro SD to SD Adapters
  • Instructions
  • One Year Manufacturers Warranty

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