DroMight life line for the DJI Phantom

DroMight life line for the DJI Phantom

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Put the DroMightTM attachment for your DJI Phantom to work for your search and rescue department and immediately provide support to stranded victims without risking the lives of the search and rescue crew. Install a support line to a victim stranded on thin ice, in a raging river, on the side of a mountain, in a ditch, or just about any location where sending in a search and rescue team is a high risk situation. Using the DroMightTM life line attached with your DJI Phantom unmanned aerial vehicle, you can bring a life line to a person in need in a matter of seconds. Once the life line has been placed in the victims hands, the unmanned aerial vehicle is directed back towards the search and rescue team with the life line in tow. With a life line connected between the search and rescue team and the victim, additional support can be provided to the victim such as providing a heavier line, a life preserver, food, two way radio communication, cell phones, medicine and just about anything that will help with the rescue efforts.

We thought that we should mention that the DJI Phantom drone shown in the pictures is not included with the purchase.  You will receive the DroMight attachment without the drone.

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