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Terrestrial Imaging Aerial Photography Services in New Jersey Terrestrial Imaging is a New Jersey based company providing professional aerial photography, aerial videography, aerial imaging, aerial mapping, and aerial inspection services through the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (drones). We provide our services to both individuals and business who need high quality professional aerial photography services.

Terrestrial Imaging is an FAA approved Section 333 exemption holder and conducts all aerial photography and imaging flights with FAA licensed pilots. Never put your reputation or your client's property at risk. Only Hire FAA approved licensed pilots for your aerial photography and videography missions.

Please select from one of our service sub-categories below.
  • Real Estate Real Estate
    Leverage the power of aerial photography to help your properties stand out from the crowd and sell faster.
  • Special Events Special Events
    Capture the excitement of your next outdoor event from angles and perspectives above using small unmanned aerial vehicles.
  • Insurance Insurance
    Using small unmanned aerial vehicles fitted with high resolution cameras, the insurance adjuster gets to see everything without ever going up on a ladder.
  • Construction Construction
    Monitoring site progress, provide updates to investors and banking institutions, improve safety, and monitor employee productivity.
  • Mapping Mapping
    Maps built from images taken aboard unmanned aerial vehicles are transforming everything from agriculture and construction, to conservation, search and rescue, and disaster relief.
  • Agriculture Agriculture
    Terrestrial Imaging assists both large and small farming operations with water and disease management, better planting and crop rotation strategies, and provide for a higher degree of all-around knowledge of how crops are progressing on a day-to-day basis.